Lawn Care

Are you craving a lush and healthy lawn that’s free of weeds and really shows off your home? Creating and maintaining your dream lawn is our specialty! Review our comprehensive list of services, and then give us a call at (402) 556-0595 or contact us so we can discuss how to give you your ideal lawn!

Fertilization & Weed Control

We offer a customized program design to the needs of your lawn. Our monthly programs include pre-emergent applications for crab grass control, insecticide applications to prevent insect damage, winterize applications to help your turf through the winter, and nitrogen applications to promote growth and color. Using the highest quality products our applicators are knowledgeable and trained to handle the challenges of your lawn’s specific needs. Our applicators as trained in identifying and controlling a wide variety of problem weeds, as well as handling challenges of your lawn’s specific requirements.


A healthy lawn requires consistent maintenance to keep it looking beautiful, so we offer regularly-scheduled mowing, grass mulching, trimming and blowing services to keep walkways and driveways clean. For an additional fee, we also offer 21’ mowing, bagging, leaf pick-up, paper pick-up and extra tall grass mowing.

Spring & Fall Aeration

We recommend plug-type aeration in the spring and fall to provide a multitude of benefits to your lawn. Aeration provides many benefits for your lawn including breaking up clay, encouraging root growth, delivers more air, water and fertilize closer to root system, allows ample water supply to the soil after harsh compaction of winter snow, and brings pre-emergent closer to root system to help eliminate weeds and crabgrass.


Another important step in creating and maintaining your ideal lawn includes over-seeding, which thickens the lawn, helps crowd out weeds, reduces heat stress, diminishes fungus and promotes growth in bare areas.

Additional Services

To complement our lawn services, we also provide a wide variety of landscaping services delivered by experts who are committed to helping clients create beautiful outdoor vistas. Our landscape designs reflect your personal design, and add significant value to your home or business. Our services includes expert landscape design, construction and maintenance, power raking, calcium sulfate treatments, mole control, hedge trimming, edging, gutter cleaning, snow removal, general lawn clean-up and holiday decorating.